Roland Keats O'Shea (annwynmessenger) wrote in bringonthenews,
Roland Keats O'Shea

[Print/text] Unknown Realms - First Release

[There's a post slipped in a link among the news blogs and sites, along with a pamphlet turning up in news stands, somewhere on the rack to the left of the major papers...]

Greetings to the lovely city of Desai. Regretfully, the nature of the current news is making a professional video broadcast difficult, to say the least.

It is likely that by now everyone has had some personal experience with the newest oddity to grace our fair city. For some it is annoying, to be sure. Society thrives on some pretenses of privacy, and the ability to keep one's true thoughts and feelings secret can often prevent a great deal of damage and confusion, even if it can be taken too far. Still, it may seem like a small matter when compared to the alien invasion suffered so recently.

However, it seems that giving life a bit of a soundtrack is only the beginning of this; a certain earlier broadcast of unknown origin was video proof of but one case out of many. Whatever power is compelling people to let their true emotions loose is feeding upon that release; the more of a hold it gets, the more powerful it becomes, and that power can quickly turn overwhelming, even fatal. The mysterious "spontaneous combustion" cases have been spreading.

The true identity of the cause remains elusive; there are many things among the greater span of the multiverse with strange powers to manipulate and feed through the hearts and minds of others, whether fae, angelic, demonic, or more exotic and esoteric. It does not seem to be something native to this area; the increasing severity and frequency suggests a master plan of some sort, orchestrated by an outside intrusion.

It is my humble opinion at this time that some entity is causing this chaos for its own purposes. Whether those are as simple as feeding off the victims somehow, or using the control and power that comes with being able to strip away illusions towards some other purpose, is unclear. However, the pace at which the occurrences are turning ugly suggests that whatever the culprit is, they have a goal in mind, and one they hope to achieve soon.

Those of us who would survive this being's plots would do well to mind themselves; as innocent as the compulsions may seem, they are not only dangerous, but feeding into an unknown enemy's schemes. The more they can be resisted, the better.
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