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**BREAKING NEWS** CENTER-CITY CHANNEL 13 :: JUL 2, 2011 :: US Senator Found Dead

Reporter Names: Derek Tonas & Dillon Muchard

CORDOVA - 1733 DST (Desai Standard Time)

TONAS: We apologize for the interruption of your Saturday regular programming, but we have some breaking news regarding a stunning murder in Cordova.

                        [Camera switches to DILLON MUCHARD, who is smiling as smoothly and debonair as always. He seems rather surprised at the fact that suddenly the red light is pointing at him.]

MUCHARD: Why, hello, citizens~ Yes, the body was discovered at the Colombina Hotel in Cordova. Something with his rear up in the air--

TONAS: ...It was a United States Senator, by the name of Alrigo Nobile from Earth Dimension 62-CF, a newly designated dimension by MDEA and the Travel Agency. He was found with two lacerations to the stomach and throat. The cops described the murder as clean and calculated, but have yet to release further detail. It is unknown if Cordova police are onto a motive.

While nothing further has been officially released, including a time of death, witnesses state that it appeared that Nobile's left ring finger was removed from his body. If you have any information that may assist in the investigation of this bizarre crime, please contact the Cordova Police Department as soon as possible.

MUCHARD: Hey, did they find any prints or semen or anything?

TONAS: ...sem--what?

MUCHARD: It could've been a really pissed off hooker!

                        [Tonas looks at someone off-screen.]

TONAS: Why haven't you fired him y--


((ooc: ETA much later, if you want details to make some CR, email me at starlightexodus[at]gmail or IM me on spiritusomnia on AIM))
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