Lucio Brae - MDEA Negotiator (deusabsconditus) wrote in bringonthenews,
Lucio Brae - MDEA Negotiator

All News Channels .::. AUG 18, 2011 .::. Official MDEA Statement

        [An Urgent Affair broadcast is announced. Anyone near the Travel Agency will see, across the street, a large crowd of people and press watching this very thing. Up at the entrance of MDEA HQ, Lucio Brae comes out with an earpiece microphone on. He'll be pacing as he speaks; behind him stand Caprice DeGaglia and Dennick Sharpe to the left, Ahmea Greer in the center, and the Harbor Masters to the right.]

BRAE: People of Desai. I realize that in the last few days, many of you have had alarms raised by propoganda spread about by rabid conspiracy theorists who seek to do nothing more than make you feel uncomfortable; deceived, even. To hear that the place in which you live, work, vacation is possibly harmful can bring reasonable distress.

Here is what I can promise each of you: Desai is not some plague. There is not some sort of conspiracy or war waiting just over the horizon. Desai is not malicious. We are a city of people who want nothing more than to learn and to share what we've learned. Look at the technology we share openly, look at the medical enhancements.

Our police work around the clock to develop ways to control the criminals who come from many backgrounds and abilities. MDEA works to keep information flowing between worlds. To provide assistance and good will to worlds that need it.

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Then why is it that Desai goes so insane? Why do adults become children, why do plants come alive, why does the world around us shift? Why do we change without our permission?' These are such valuable and well-founded questions that have simply gone too long without answers.

The simple fact is, that is a consequence in harboring the force behind space itself. We stop more from happening than what does. What you each see is only a single-digit percentage of the problems we fight away from touching each of you on a daily basis. We don't want any of you to suffer what happens, but it could be much worse. In the future, we may be able to stabilize it completely. Until then, we will continue to fight for each of you. The republic that is Desai will always work for you, the citizens and the visitors of this world and the worlds we connect to.

Do not listen to the crazed ramblings of lunatics who believe that the government watches your every move from your waffles, and that we're going to inject you with microchips that will allow us to track you and your vital signs. We're here to help you. We are your servants.

        [The broadcast ends with Lucio Brae placing his fist over his heart and bowing to the group before him, full of downright eerily convinced civilians. The following news reports will be filled with positive reviews from news broadcasters and civilians alike. BE CONVINCED. ARE YOU CONVINCED?]
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