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CENTER-CITY CHANNEL 13 :: DEC 11, 2010 :: ALIEN INVASION, Vash the Stampede video bombs [Dec. 11th, 2010|11:52 pm]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

{{ooc; the following is written by both Meryl-mun and Vash-mun!}}


        [Everything is absolutely chaotic. MERYL STRYFE is standing in the middle of ruin and there's definitely live gun fire and explosions that're erupting around her. Meryl seems pretty damn determined to be standing there, in front of the Travel Agency that is on fire. FIRE.]

STRYFE: Early this morning, the attack began. A strange alien race flooded the skies and the streets, and now much of Desai is burning as--

        [She pauses as there are sounds of some creatures, followed by large cannon explosions.]

STRYFE: --MDEA, the police, and even citizens fight to stave off the enemy forces. Whatever the intention of this attack happens to be, MDEA has not announced at this time. Whether they are refusing disclosure due to risk of security, or simply not knowing, remains to be seen.

        [A tall man in a red coat whizzes by in the background, only to come back in and look at Meryl's back and the camera with a quizzical expression. Sure enough, it's Vash, and he suddenly looks pissed.]

VASH: MERYL, what are you doing out here?!

STRYFE: After--

        [She stops at hearing that, and turns. The cameraman is appropriately following everything that's going on. She places her hands on her hips.]

STRYFE: Wh--I'm doing my job, what does it look like? Get out of the damn frame!

        [Vash starts coming closer and commences pitching a fit. Right there on camera.]

VASH: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? You're gonna get killed out here!

        [He pauses and looks at who the viewer can only assume is the camera man.]

VASH: You too!! Get out of here!!

CAMERA MAN: Hey, buddy, I gotta make a living!

STRYFE: Get off the frame, Vash!

        [She takes to shoving at the giant man in the red coat. Which is hilarious, since she's so tiny.]

VASH: You're not gonna have one for long!!

        [He looks down at Meryl and hesitates before giving her a glare and grabbing her wrist.]

VASH: You brought this on yourself, short girl!

        [And he starts dragging her away, firing at offscreen targets. And Meryl turns to shrieking.]

STRYFE: I am going to choke you with those sunglasses!!

        [And beating Vash with her microphone. Repeatedly. Because the camera man is wearing a headset that allows him to hear Meryl over the war around them, each collision on Vash is painfully loud to him. He drops the camera, and his headset slams into view.]

CAMERA MAN: ...is this kidnapping?!

STRYFE: [distantly] HOMICIDE!

VASH: SHE'LL BE FINE, I'M A FRIEND OF HERS, JUST GET YOURSELF SAFE! Short girl, if you hit me with that thing one more time--

        [The screen blanks to the RAINBOW SCREEN with the "THIS IS NOT A TEST" notice coming on.]
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(Desai Daily News) (12/01/10) (Unknown objects in space; Lost colony world follow-up) [Dec. 1st, 2010|02:50 am]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

Yesterday, November 30th, the Enil Mountains Observatory captured this image of the edge of our solar system.

In the lower right area, two black masses can be seen. It has yet to be determined what they are, but it is known that they are moving, but are not meteors. An image of the same area only a few minutes prior showed no sign of the objects.

Currently, one of the primary theories is that they are spacecraft of unknown origin-- a theory supported by the inability to obtain a spectroscopic analysis.

In possibly related news, as stated on the November 6th issue of the Desai Daily News, contact with a colony world has been lost. Also stated was that a scout team was sent in, and that contact was lost with them as well.

However, that may not have been the case, as an anonymous source has come forward with what he claims to be a recording of a transmission from the team on the train en route to Birchon.

This is the transcript from the recording:

"We're approaching the end of the tunnel. The light doesn't look natural for this world. Stand by...

"My God... Stop the train, now! [sound of the doors opening, running on dried dirt.] We're in a city... what's left of it. Everything is burnt or burning... The sky is red with black clouds. We have no visual on people, alive or dead. ...Stand by."

[A different voice in the background: "Hooooolyyyyy SHIT!"]

"We have
massive ships dropping from the sky! They're unlike anything we've seen. They must be over a mile long each!

"Hold on, there's a red glow building up under one of them. ...I think it's-- [a brief blast of static and the transmission cuts off.]"

Of course, MDEA has not confirmed or denied anything, including any connection between these two stories.
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Desai Daily News :: November 20, 2010 :: Phantom Thief Strikes Again [Nov. 21st, 2010|09:45 pm]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

[Backdated to Saturday's paper; threads still ongoing]

Friday night at 9:00 PM, Kid the Phantom Thief broke into the private exhibition and escaped with Aphrodite's Fortune after causing massive chaos. The thief cut the power to the building, forcing all the security doors to lock, then blew the doors with light explosives, causing some minor injuries in the process. The actual theft, despite the lack of real police presence, was far less theatrical than his previous crime. The thief entered through the crowd in the dark, shattered the case, and fled with the jewel after a short shootout of sharp projectiles with an unknown masked party; several bystanders were incapacitated with a cloud of nonlethal anesthetic. While they are being monitored for the side effects, the illness resulting from the drug is expected to pass by morning, and no lasting damage is predicted. The trapped bystanders were freed with outside assistance from a manager of a nearby gun shop, with some further damage done to the building and the security doors in the process, while the thief fled via the rooftop. An attempt at bringing the power back online by resetting the grid only managed to further the confusion in the area, as the entire block suffered a brief blackout during the heist.

As the thief was escaping, a private investigator attending the local college attempted to interfere and stop his escape at the rooftop door, despite being crippled from severe past injuries. Kid fired on the young investigator with what appear to be razor-edged metal cards, causing minor injuries; the student is in good condition, and expected to recover with no lasting damage. The thief fled with the masked figure still in pursuit. Phantom Thief Kid is still at large, and Aphrodite's Fortune has yet to be recovered.

It is currently unknown why the thief's methods have become more violent, but for the time being, he is to be considered armed and dangerous. Police are seeking any information on his whereabouts and the whereabouts of the stolen gemstone.

[OOC: There's probably similar on various news sources, with blurry, confusing, and dark video from whatever recorders people may've had of the theft itself in the ballroom, and footage of the aftermath and cleanup. Some reports may have names of those that were involved besides Robin, who is an "unknown party".]
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(Desai Daily News) (11/06/10) (COLONY WORLD LOST?) [Nov. 6th, 2010|06:08 pm]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

On September 16th, MDEA lost contact with the colony world of Birchon. On October 2nd, a scout team was sent to Birchon; however, after the team left Desai, contact was immediately lost with them as well.

Naturally, rumors are abound as to what has happened on the planet: A massive-scale attack, planet-wide war, a devastating asteroid, etc. However MDEA has yet to comment on any of this.
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Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

Speaker: AXAN BABYL leading the press conference


      [Any station turned in to at 10pm this Sunday will have clips of the following core speech at a press conference held at 6pm in the evening. AXAN BABYL stands at a podium at the top of the stairs of MDEA HQ''s entry. He's flanked by men and women wearing BCB uniforms, and is finely dressed himself.]

BABYL: Early this morning, at approximately 4:35 AM, Southern Harbor BCB discovered the bodies of five children washed ashore. These children appear to be unidentified at this time, although genetic screening does determine they are of native Desai descent. All five are Aitai.

Their bodies appeared to have been through substantial pre-mortem abuse. The exact cause of death is to be determined, as the children did not have water in their lungs, which would denote death by drowning. The oldest of these children is approximately twelve years in age. The youngest, approximately four years old.

Due to the fact that all five children are Aitai, MDEA is currently regarding this as a potential hate crime. Any information leading to the apprehension of those responsible should be reported either to your local police or to MDEA agents directly, whomever you find easiest to reach. This must be brought to resolution before those responsible have a chance to commit another heinous crime.
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[VIRAL VIDEO] [Sep. 28th, 2010|10:03 pm]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

[The following video has been posted to a wide variety of blogs and message boards under a variety of titles, including "Black Bike", "Black Rider", "Headless Rider", etc. In addition, if your character has a cell phone, he or she most likely has received at least one text message or email linking to the video; sometimes these messages are from acquaintances, but occasionally they're from apparent strangers. The video went viral approximately a week ago.]

Subject: Who is the Black Rider? 100% pERCENT REAl!!! THIS IS NOt fAKE!!!!!!!!
File : 1285674613.avi
Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)07:50 No.12290872 [Reply]

[[The video clicks on in pitch darkness; only the slightly muffled voices from somewhere close by indicate that the recording is playing at all. It sounds like it's being taken by a cellphone stuffed into someone's back jean pocket. The owner - an unimpressive-looking teenage boy - pulls it out and begins fiddling sullenly with the buttons, still absorbed in his conversation, not even looking at the screen and apparently oblivious to the way in which all he's doing is turning up the volume of the recording and amping up the contrast.]]

God, dude, it wasn't even like that, she like freaked out for no fucking reaso--

[[The conversation is cut off suddenly by the noise of a motorcycle speeding close by - and getting closer.]]


Whoa, what the FU

[[The motorcycle is within a hundred feet minimum, now, and as the owner drops it and it clatters to the ground the camera manages to pick up a few spooky-looking seconds of video; a black motorcycle, headlights off, with a rider in almost all black, speeds through the frame for a split second. The engine revs, and it almost sounds like the braying of a horse.

There's a screeching noise and then relative silence, save for a low gurgling, like an engine idling a few hundred meters away. The cell phone's owner's footsteps are heard echoing further and further into the distance. Finally, after a few minutes, a figure enters the camera's sight, looking down curiously at the cell phone. The newcomer, who is dressed all in black save a bright yellow motorcycle helmet, looks down briefly at the dropped cell phone. He or she reaches down to pick the device up, considers it for a moment; then, the cell phone is flipped shut, and the video ends]]

'sup, mods, if this needs to go somewhere else, let me know - I talked to you guys about this approximately forever ago but IF IT IS NOT OKAY NOW LET ME KNOOOOOW chuu
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Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

Raid Ends with 6 Officers Dead in Freak Explosion

Suspected Tayon druglord evades police in late night sting

By Shane Colosimo

TAYON - A drug raid came to a grisly end late yesterday evening when an explosion ripped through a Tayon establishment. Firefighters arrived on the scene at approximately 11.30pm to contain the blaze before it spread throughout the neighborhood, but not before it claimed the lives of six members of the Desai Police Force.

Police long suspected the shop in northeast Tayon known as 'Lady Blanc Antiquities and Trade' was a center for drug-related activity. The proprietor also has alleged links to illegal immigration and human trafficking between Desai and several Asian countries. Detectives felt they collected significant evidence to raise charges should their raid discover illegal contraband. Tragically, the results of their efforts will remain to be seen.

City officials believe a broken gas main caused the explosion, as much of the infrastructure in older parts of Tayon remain structurally unsound. A coroner report is pending on whether any of the officers were killed prior to the blast. Arson has yet to be ruled out.

"It's a huge loss to our force," Detective Glen Loughlin expressed early this morning. "But it's not going to stop us from bringing in the people responsible."

Among the deceased were Officers Rick Grogg, Tim Meisner, Marco Ruggerio, Ira Teske, Christian Sheehy, and Detective Matthew Breda. Combined the men shared over 40 years of loyal service. Three officers remain in critical condition.

Police are seeking a man who goes by the alias 'Lau', height 5'10, black hair, and Chinese descent.
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PAMPHLET :: AUGUST 15, 2010 :: To Whom May Be Concerned... [Aug. 15th, 2010|08:31 pm]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

Author: Unknown

Title: To Whom May Be Concerned...

[The following pamphlet, simply folded in on itself with this small blurb, can be found scattered throughout Center-City. Readers are free to do what they will. Anyone investigating the pamphlets will find a professional lack of trace evidence on them. They were set out just before the Music Mayhem event began.]

Be wary of the hubs that are placed in your worlds. The staffing there are not of your home. They are MDEA Agents; you can see it from their ID badges if you acquire one. They are not required to display them upon request, you must be aware. Beyond this, they live there. Gain contacts there. Connection to the worlds is not limited to the hub and their interactions there. It is not limited to trade, although that is incredibly important to the Agenda.

The Agenda orders that agents will infiltrate and will assimilate. Desai is not a city as it is introduced. Desai is an empire. Study your history and understand the implications. If you wish to learn more, find a way to feedback through the network. You will be studied, and if trusted, contacted.

The truth must be shared.
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DESAI DAILY NEWS :: AUGUST 11, 2010 :: Church member murdered and displayed in street [Aug. 11th, 2010|05:39 pm]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

Church member murdered and displayed in street

Surviving community members reeling in wake of grisly tragedy.

By: Kathryn Jones

TAYON - Horror struck a small religious community known as 'The Order' early this morning when one of their clergy members was found eviscerated and hung above their chapel's door. The woman, known as Sister Jennifer Everson, was reportedly still alive when she was discovered, but died shortly after. Police say that the murder looked almost ritual-like, but they have no suspects at this time.

The community's leader, Priestess Carol Summers, had her own suspicions on the horrible crime.

"It is a blatant mockery of the sacred rites we perform for purification. While we pray that God's mercy and forgiveness will reach the hearts of the people who did this horrible deed, we cannot help but wonder if it would be safer for our followers to return to the anonymity we once thrived beneath," said Summers.

It was recently released that Everson had agreed to participate in an interview that is hoped to be the first of many in a series of exposés detailing the various religions and faiths in Desai. The air date has not yet been finalized.

"We thought it would be a good opportunity to educate others about what we believe and how it might better the lives of those who wish to believe, but no publicity is worth this," said Summers.

The Order has not released information on the date or time of a memorial service for Sister Everson at this time.
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DESAI DAILY NEWS :: JULY 27, 2020 :: Stolen gem returned 10 years later [Jul. 27th, 2010|12:14 am]
Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community

Stolen gem returned 10 years later

Is Kid the Phantom Thief bringing back his first crime?

By: Leo Davinski
Staff Reporter

The Eye of Turok, the multimillion ihrai gemstone that was reported stolen from Metashi Corp 10 years ago, was apparently returned to the corporation yesterday afternoon. The large stone was discovered suspended outside of the president's office window on the 27th floor. A thank you card was said to be attached to the gemstone, in which the culprit, the infamous Kid the Phantom Thief, thanked the corporation for keeping an excellent specimen and was said to include these confusing words, "Please don't mistake me for a copy cat. My decision has nothing to do with the dear lady Kaitou, and most unfortunately, we do not know one another."

The police are baffled by Kid's strange new behavior. "This hardly fits the MO we've been accostomed to," said Shirogane Naoto, experienced specialist from the Phantom Thief task force. "However those assigned to this case are more than prepared to investigate every new angle this criminal approaches us from." When asked about the contents of the note, the given reply was, "...the two unrelated thieves are currently under review."

The Eye of Turok is a 12 million ihrai gemstone stolen from the Metashi Corp 10 years ago as reportedly, Kid's first crime in Desai. At the time it was stolen, the Eye of Turok was owned by the deceased Takatori Akira. Ownership will now fall to his son, Takatori Hajime, who said he will donate the stone to the company according to his father's wishes...

[Story continues on about the background history of the gem.]

[OOC: Although Kaito is not personally involved in the 10 years plot, it is safe to say that for those who experienced the 10 year gap, they will be familiar with the white clad gentleman thief.

To them, Kid has been an active presence for the past 10 years, and often makes very big front page splashes on newspapers and media. Reaching near celebrity status with his hang gliding and showy thefts, he will likely have a moderate following of fans in Desai (feel free to be one ♥). This also means he has a police task force dedicated to his capture too.

Of course, this will all be news for the currently uninvolved Kaito.]
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