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Bring on the news! City of Desai News Community
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The go-to for all IC-events in media form.


CHANNEL 3: Rituana - Full of conspiracies and cynical reporters, Rituana's news channel focuses on the oldest money of the city, and the late night programs belong to airing programs about the paranormal and conspiracy theories roaming around the city.

CHANNEL 5: Mayra - A family-focused, sweet news channel that focuses on the positives in primarily Mayra, unless something super exceptional has happened in one of the other areas.

CHANNEL 7: Cordova - Politics, business! This is the most serious news channel, often focusing on the important political decisions and significant economic happenings.

CHANNEL 13: Center-City - The largest of the channels, stationed out of the Travel Agency primarily, the biggest news names and most charismatic personalities come out of this station. Everything that needs reporting is reported here, with no specific focus. Celebrities are made out of the people who run this station on the frontside. But be careful! For all the major news output and big scoops these reporters get, rumor has it that the government has their hands on this station. Things might be a little FILTERED.

DESAI RADIO: It doesn't exist yet... but it's something that can be worked on by players if they so choose! The radio can be used for any and all purposes, from weather, to plot assistance, to just having an excuse to share music.

DESAI DAILY NEWS: The major Desai newspaper in the world. Like Channel 13 Center-City news, you have to be sort of careful about what you read here!

MISC. USES: From time to time, this community will be used for other purposes by the moderator and by players once mod-approved. This community is an important place to get information for plots without being reliant on posts on the OOC community.

The point of this community is to express yourselves and lead your plots accordingly~
Welcome to the Desai News Community! Listen closely, listen very closely, guys.

1) Any Desai RPG member may post via abiding by the rules and expectations of this community project.
2) Posts are moderated, but will be accepted as long as everything is followed correctly! Don't worry!
3) This community is entirely up to you as to how successful it is and how it's used. The reason for moderated posts is just to make sure nothing is abused and that everything is in an equal format. If you want to write something ridiculous, or something plot-significant, it's all good!
4) As always, questions go to ye ol' mod at either email welcometodesai[at]gmail[dot]com.

SUBJECT LINE: (News Channel/Desai Daily News) (Date) (Title of Report)

BODY: Reporter Name: ___
(Region) -- (story) -- If it's for a news channel, script or novel 3rd person. If it's for the Desai Daily News, write it like a story in the paper!

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