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DESAI DAILY NEWS :: DECEMBER 13, 2010 :: Truce with Alien Races Announced

Truce with Alien Races Announced

Can Desai bounce back from such a vicious attack and find peace?

By: James Teague

What started as a relentless invasion and attempt to wipe out the entire populace of Desai has turned into an unexpected campaign for peace today as MDEA reached a truce with leaders of the aliens who arrived unannounced on Saturday. We have recently learned that this coalition of races is known as "The Covenant" and that they are now offering an olive branch to the people of Desai.

MDEA has formally informed the press that the truce will mean that the Covenant will keep to designated "safe zones" and that the public will have no reason to fear them, unless they trespass on the few outposts Covenant forces will populate around the city, where Covenant will be permitted to shoot on sight. The majority of the Covenant population will remain in the cruisers overhead as part of the agreement, a spokesperson said.

Citizens are advised that approaching the Covenant will be seen as compromising the integrity of the truce, and will be punishable by imprisonment. If you witness any Covenant members wandering outside their designated territories, you are encouraged to notify MDEA police immediately.
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