The Host (infiltrate) wrote in bringonthenews,
The Host

ALL STATIONS, ALL MEANS OF WATCHING .::. AUG 17, 2011 .::. All Hail the Host

        [Any television or online program characters are watching are blipped out. Instead, a familiar face shows up of a brunette dressed in leather and sheen, and with a white domino mask on, her eyes a solid black. Those who were in Desai two years ago will remember her as the Host, a diabolical young woman gleefully hosting a show of contestants participating against their wills in a violent game. But it has been two years. Natives of Desai will be eagerly turning up the program, no matter where they are, and watching with wide eyes. This will be hard to miss.]

Hello, children of Desai, children of the twinkling stars from the universes abroad. Welcome to a small lesson from your dearest presenter for the evening... me! I am the Host, if you're unfamiliar me~ And if you are, what an ignorant life you lead. But then again, that's why we're here. Because all of you are ignorant. Sad creatures who need to see the light.

        [She starts to walk around what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, a skip to her step.]

This world in which Desai resides is a complicated one, isn't it? With ruins and ghosts and curses and plagues, Desai is tumultuous and fun! Ever entertaining.

        [She turns back to the camera and leans over, hands behind her back.]

Have you ever wondered why you are plagued with the need to stay? Why would you want to be subjected to all of this? Listen to the Hum. It tolls at the beginning of the month, every month. It resides in those who Desai brings back from the eternal darkness of death. You come to live in Desai... Desai imbeds herself in you, and there is nothing you can do about it. To leave will agonize you, like an addiction stopped cold. To stay will surely kill you, but quick death is better than that.

Is this a curse? Some may think so.

Is this permanent? Indeed.

Is there a benefit? You'll thank her when MDEA is where they want to be, when they begin to move, to do unto your world as they have unto this world.

        [She starts laughing, holding her hands out on each side.]

But as Desai's plagues shove you down, so too do they make you strong, immigrants! Valuable lessons to be had! The greatest lesson of all being: if you can survive here, through all of this, then you can survive anywhere and everywhere at all.

The clock ticks down, but for us, the Desda of this world, that clock is much longer than for most of you. So learn. So teach. So prepare. This is to you, children of the stars.

War is imminent. Are you ready?

        [In a flicker of static, normal programming ensues.]
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