Viasat (quietlypublic) wrote in bringonthenews,

RADIO BROADCAST .::. All Channels, AUG 19, 2011 .::. FINALE

        [The following is another all-channels-all-means radio broadcast. But this time, it's spoken with a voice that sounds like a little child, gender ambiguous. When the voice speaks, there is a voice in the background, sinister and dark, saying the same words.]

Protection? You believe their lies. Why do you hurt your friends, your family, your world by believing their lies? The truth has been spoken this week.

A republic?

We are not a republic. Desai is a dictatorship. We learn to worship our leader. He rules Desai and all the kingdoms he and those before him destroyed. He lies to you so you sit and do nothing, but if you fight before you're ready, they will kill you easily. If you try to run, they will be in whatever world you can run to. You are marked. We are marked. Together, we are slaves.

His name is Lucio Brae.

Why would you listen to his lies?
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